Open testing of the new time tracking app Kimai Mobile begins. Now it is available on Android

Ulm, Germany, September 07, 2021 – Cloudrizon GmbH begins the open testing of Kimai Mobile on Android. The time tracking application provides the infrastructure for Kimai Time Tracker Server, the open-source system for managing the working times. Kimai Mobile allows the users via a single application to use many workspaces simultaneously, logging the time for any projects or customers. 

“Kimai is a perfect instrument for freelancers or small companies: it is easy to install and absolutely private, and Kimai Mobile allows improving the quality of user experience”, – says one of the beta-testers, a freelancer. Kimai is especially popular among people who care about privacy on the internet. Nor Kimai, neither Kimai Mobile, collect the cookies and share any pieces of information with third parties. All data about logging time at Kimai Mobile saves only at self-hosted Kimai Server.

Kimai Mobile becomes the perfect supplement for Kimai Time Tracker Server, and this application is ideal for multi-project jobs. Now Kimai Mobile provides the general functionality: time log, filters, and calendar. 

Soon the application will be available for iOS as well. Developers has big plans for this product and has already announced the upcoming features of Kimai Mobile. Right now, the company is working on new features for proper time management and improving the quality of work satisfaction. Working on the infrastructure for Kimai, Cloudrizon GmbH is developing the offline version and desktop application for Kimai as well. Summarise the Kimai Mobile provides a practical and user-friendly solution for time management, allowing you to expand the functionality of Kimai. With Kimai Mobile, it is easy, private and valuable.

Cloudrizon GmbH is a German startup offering IT support for companies. They were founded in 2019. Cloudrizon GmbH has already attracted some big clients. The essential expertise of the company is IT architecture, application development and process management.