About Us – The Company behind Kimai Mobile

Your time is valuable

We help you spend it efficiently.

Our Mission

Our highest priority is to treat time with respect. Hence, we use it with the intention of it being a valuable resource that turns talent into impact. With the creation of Kimai we make it our mission to help teams understand the importance of their time and how to spend it efficiently. So you don’t have to worry about it.

Who we are

Cloudrizon is a German digital service provider. Our competencies are wide: from developer’s support and consulting to management and portfolio optimization.

We firmly believe that great results can be achieved through effective use of time. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. We ourselves are a fully decentralized team working in different time zones. We developed Kimai Mobile to optimize our own efficiency and perfected it for our clients to help them develop their internal workflows.

Cloudrizon Logo

Our core values

Our values are simple. We value time and don’t want to waste our time or the time of our employees. We believe remote work is the future. Our 100% remote working model allows our employees to have the freedom and motivation to work from anywhere. Remote work helps to have a positive work life balance by being able to travel or spend time with family. This way also opens up possibilities of hiring the best talent from different countries and ethnicities.

The entire company uses Kimai Mobile to ensure this way of working can continue by having the necessary transparency on both sides. Employees tracking their time also ensures the compliance to the law protecting employees from unpaid overtime. If you want to read more about the EU Time Tracking Law and its arguments surrounding employee time tracking, feel free to read our blog article.


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