Features of Kimai Mobile App

We Do Time Right

The Kimai Mobile features help you and your team to manage your multi-project work efficiently and to increase your daily productivity, to become better with every second.


Offline Time Tracking

Whether you're working from a plane, in a remote location, or experiencing internet problems, you can log your time and ensure that your work is accurately accounted for.

Multiple languages

Kimai Mobile is available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Choose the language you feel most comfortable in.


Set a reminder for a certain time you want to work on a specific task. You will receive a notification once the time goal was achieved.


Get statistical insights on how much and on which projects you’ve worked. Select the time frame for which you would like to receive the reports for.

Bill clients

Track billable time and expenses, show clients how much you've worked, see how much you've earned, and create invoices.


Access any time window from the past and get a visually appealing display of your time tracking entries.

Dark Mode

For all of the light sensitive or design conscious people out there: you can choose to view Kimai Mobile in Dark Mode. Switch in between dark and light as you please.

Manage Team

Track attendance for payroll and accounting, see who works on what, and manage workload among teams.

Reminder to "Take a break"

Taking breaks is important for your mental health. That's why Kimai sends you friendly notifications to take breaks from working.

What customers value about Kimai Mobile


For setting up Kimai Mobile, use your already installed Kimai Backend Server. Create an API password and log in with your credentials.

The application

Kimai Mobile is available for download on both the Android and IOS Stores, catering to a wide range of users.

Legally compliant

Companies are required to fully record the working hours of their employees. With Kimai, you can take advantage of a reliable time tracking system and track your employees' working hours effortlessly and reliably.
Detailed instruction of how to connect your Kimai Mobile app to your Kimai account can be found in "Get Started".

Time tracking for everything

With Kimai Mobile, you can conveniently manage time, set estimates, notes, and view reports from any location with ease.


The installation and usage of Kimai Mobile is effortless. Its interface is intuitive and user-friendly without decreasing functionality.

Data Safety

Server Client Architecture. All data is stored on your central data server, ensuring easy access and management.

Difference between Kimai and Kimai Mobile

Web application of Kimai (developed by Kevin Papst)

In 2006 Kevin Papst created the first version of Kimai. He built Kimai for one purpose: tracking your working hours. The web application offers many convincing advantages and features. Find out more about it here or on the official website. 

Kimai Mobile (developed by Cloudrizon)

We at Cloudrizon are using Kimai ourselves within the company. It is helpful to understand which projects take more or less time and it gives transparency on the time employees spend working or on breaks.
Nowadays mobile first is prominent in our daily use. We felt the need for a simple and more natural way to use Kimai on mobile devices.
This is how we decided to develop Kimai Mobile as a complement to the Kimai web application.

Why time tracking is important for you and your team

Time tracking is central to understanding how you spend your time in the business. It is the key to productivity, insight and a healthy workflow. This is equally important for everyone in an organization or in society in general. Whether you are a leader, a manager, or a team member, keeping track of your time is critical. In addition, time tracking is even required by Law.

Ignoring the regulations, may result in high penalties. Choosing the right time tracking tool is therefore essential and crucial. If you’re not sure where to start, Kimai Mobile is a great free tool that helps you keep up with the European time tracking requirements. It supports you with a range of versatile features to keep track of your time. You can keep track of all work-related time, including breaks. Time tracking doesn’t need to be nerve racking. With the features of Kimai Mobile, it’s easy and convenient. Start off today, with the best way to report your hours online.

Find the complete instructions on how to install and use Kimai Mobile

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