Kimai Mobile time-tracking App

Mobile time tracking solution for individuals and companies

Allow yourself and your team to start using your time right by time tracking in an intuitive mobile environment. Worry less about calculating expenses and billing, but spend more time on what really matters, your projects. Get insights on your teams Time-Management so you can motivate them accordingly.

Highlights & Benefits

Track your time with Kimai Mobile. Custom filters help you to find your already tracked times.
The design choice in between light and dark mode is all yours.
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The application provides easy monitoring of your or your teams' working time on all tasks or projects.
You can track your time wherever and whenever you want. No matter your internet connection.

Full transparency on each project

Kimai Mobile was designed for your needs! It will handle all of your working hours and supports an unlimited amount of workspaces. That’s how you can manage all your tasks and projects in one easy-to-install application and get full transparency about it.

Take control from anywhere

With the Kimai Mobile App, you can track time efficiently on your phone, storing it automatically on your Kimai web server. Kimai Mobile records your own or your employees’ working hours and is able to print a summary of all activities if needed (coming soon). It gives you transparency on the status of your teams projects and tasks directly on your phone. Take a look at all the features Kimai Mobile has to offer.

Please Note: you need an active connection to your Kimai Time Tracker Server!

Kimai Mobile is a perfect supplement for your web version of Kimai.

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Why time tracking is necessary and even required by law?

Time tracking is central to understanding how you spend your time in the business. It is the key to productivity, insight and a healthy workflow. This is equally important for everyone in an organization or in society in general. Whether you are a leader, a manager, or a team member, keeping track of your time is critical. In addition, time tracking is even required by Law.

Learn more about why it is compulsory to record employees’ working hours and how you can protect yourself in the best possible way.

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