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Easy time tracking for your projects

Features & Benefits

Track your time with Kimai Mobile. Moreover, custom filters help you to find your already tracked times.
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The application provides easy monitoring of your working time on a task or project.

Upcoming Features

We are constantly working on a huge amount of updates for Kimai Mobile. Here are some of them!

Kimai Mobile Offline

You will have an option to work with Kimai Mobile offline. Wherever you are - on a plane or in some other place without an internet connection, you will be able to log your time spent and synchronise it after access to the internet.

Reminder "Take a break"

Good time management is an effective way to protect yourself from burnout. With a further update, you will receive friendly notifications about taking a break when your timer counts down your working time more than a certain time.

Desktop App

Soon Kimai Mobile will be available for use on your PC as an application. Design, functionality and simplicity - all advantages of Kimai Mobile will also be on your computer.

Three languages more

With one of the next updates of Kimai Mobile, the German, Russian and Spanish workspaces will be accessible for everybody. Your international team will be able to use the Kimai Mobile without any language issues.

Free trial

We understand, that buying a new product is always a pig in a poke. That is why with the next update of Kimai Mobile, we will offer an option to test it before purchasing it.


How to save more time? We are working on creating templates for your time logging. You will soon get an option to create your own template and logging your time even faster.

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and get an access to all these features first with further updates.

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