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Get your multi-project work under control
Kimai records your time for each task or project


For setting up Kimai Mobile, use your already installed Kimai Backend Server. Create an API password and log in with your credentials.

The application

Available for Android and soon for iOS. Simple purchase your app now at Google Play or wait a little till for iOS.

Reports (coming later)

Follow your time daily, weekly, or monthly. Find all reports of time spent on each task or project in your app.


Kimai Mobile is easy to install and use. Above all the interface is user-friendly, and there is a broad functionality.
Entire instruction of connection your Kimai Mobile to Kimai account you can find at the Guide

Do you have too many projects and can’t handle the time tracking?

Then Kimai Mobile was designed truly for you! It will handle all of your working hours and supports an unlimited amount of workspaces. In this way, you can take all your tasks and projects in one easy-to-install application.

With the Kimai Mobile App, you can track your time spent on your phone and store them directly on your Kimai on the web server.

Kimai Mobile records your working hours and prints a summary of all activities if needed (coming later). Therefore you can track the status of your projects and tasks directly on your phone. On the whole, the great strength of Kimai is user-friendly design, broad functionality and easy access.

Please Note: you need an active connection to your Kimai Time Tracker Server!

Kimai Mobile is a perfect supplement for your web version of Kimai.

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Difference between Kimai and Kimai Mobile

web application of Kimai(developed by Kevin Papst)

2006 Kevin Papst created the first version of Kimai. He builds Kimai for one purpose: tracking your working hours. There is a huge list of advantages of this web application. Find out more about it here or on the official website. 

Kimai Mobile (developed by Cloudrizon)

We at Cloudrizon use Kimai now for a long time in all our projects and employee time tracking.
As mobile devices get more and more present in daily use we felt the need for a simple way to use Kimai on these devices.
So we created a Mobile app and QR Code Plugin for Kimai which is called Kimai Mobile.

Technical specification

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