How to connect Kimai Mobile to your web version of Kimai

How to enter the App

To enter the app, you should fill in all these spaces

Workspace Name

You can use any name you prefer

Server URL

Fill in the link to your Kimai


Enter here your Kimai  email / Username

Preferred Workspace

Creating a new workspace, you can set it as a preferred one. This one then will be opened automatically when you start the app.


Use your API Password. See “API Section

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If you have a QR-Code, you can read it via the application. In this way, you need to enter only the API password.

kimai mobile screenshot QR code

API Password

  • To get it, you should visit your desktop Kimai. After login into your server, choose “Edit”. Then, select API and enter two times your new API password.
    Now you can use it anytime.

If you have other questions, write to us

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